About Us

Optec is a world class leader in the design & build of state-of-the-art laser micromachining tools. We cover the range from small R&D systems to industrial production equipment, laser wavelengths from 193nm to 10.6µm, part size from sub-mm to m²

We supply a wide range of both standard & made-to-measure systems. All design & build is in-house in our purpose built factory in Frameries, Belgium where a dedicated team provides a one-stop solution from sample testing in our applications lab through /process development & design of an efficient laser tool integrating laser, beam delivery, part handling, vision, process control & test/inspection.

Optec specialist areas include:

  • Excimer laser micromachining tools, generally using mask projection for::-
    • Selective precision polymer removal from wires & contact pads
    • Micro hole drilling/grooving/micro milling/surface structuring.
    • 3D structures, including lenses & lens arrays
    • Laser Lift Off (LLO)
    • Thin metal film & OLED patterning


  • Short pulse laser systems generally using fast galvo scanners:-
    • Athermal processing of a wide range of materials
    • Sub-µm depth control


  • CO2 TEA laser systems using 9µm band emission:
    • Efficient & selective removal of polymers from metals
    • OROS drilling of pharmaceutics
    • High throughput, low COO


Optec is a company OF engineers FOR engineers, providing & supporting high quality laser solutions since 1990, and with a worldwide distributor network. Use your photons!


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