Excimer Laser Systems :

Standard Products : Optec’s key speciality; excimer laser workstations, from low cost, small footprint ProMaster to top-of-the range MAS-300

Custom Products : Excimer laser tools designed for customer specific  production applications.

Short pulse & DPSS Laser Systems :

Semi-Standard Products : Short pulse laser workstations, from fs  to ns, simple tools to multi-wavelength installations.

Custom Products : Ps laser tools designed for customer specific applications.

CO2 TEA Laser Systems :

CO2 TEA laser workstations & tools designed for specific applications.

CW Laser Systems :

Other laser tools:-  CO2 sealed beam, Nd-YAG fibre laser.

Beam Delivery Unit & Inspection :

Speciality optics & beam delivery equipment.

New Designs :

Custom designs which for one reason or another never saw the light of day.