LMM2 Wire Stripper

LMM2 Wire Stripper is a custom design for a major medical implant manufacturer. Polymer insulation on fine Pt wires in various orientations is precisely stripped over 360° in a single operation.  LMM2 features all s/s machine console with internal granite frame, short pulse excimer laser, BDU with 2-side optics & image rotator, part handling & vision, ProcessPower software honed to customer RQ with multi-level access for production in a clean room environment.

2 systems supplied; this is what the customer said, « The team at Optec maintained good communication with us throughout the project, and were always very responsive to satisfy our design requests. They provided excellent after-sales support during the installation and qualification of the machines, and continue to do so today. I can confidently say that Optec is a solid, reliable supplier, and experts in their field ».